Mastering Nimble Animal

Dom Stephens

Just spent the afternoon with Dom Stephens (ex Oh Ye Denver Birds and Outerwaves) mastering his new Nimble Animal album. It will be released digitally and on cassette through the Fallopian Tunes cassette label –  one of a number of new artist run cassette labels which seem to be popping up everywhere. Although mastering is kind of like surgery, where you often don’t think too much about the patient on the table, this really is a great album of lo-fi experimental pop. The sound textures are very abstract at times, but there are always strong pop hooks present in each of the songs. It’s great to hear a level of adventurousness and musical intelligence emerging from a sea of undifferentiated indie safety. Earlier in the year, I showed Dom a little of the secret ‘destroyed tape loop‘ stuff I have been working with and some of the output of those studio sessions is audible in the final result. Stay tuned for immanent release. Highly recommended.

Here is a taste