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And that’s a wrap

Thanks to everyone who attended Robot Opera as part of Performance Space Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art. We got great critical feedback on the show and it was a resounding success.

Robot Opera tickets on sale

We’re counting down to the opening night of Robot Opera at Bay 17 in Carriageworks in Sydney. Presented by Performance Space as part of the Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, we have one final development week next week before it opens on October 22,  running until November 1. This is a creatively and technically ambitious […]

Robot Opera Creative Development

I’m currently working on the music and sound design for a major new robotic performance work by Wade Marynowsky called ‘Robot Opera’. The project is funded by a Creative Australia grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. We’ve just completed a 3 week creative development period at The Red Box in Lilyfield, Sydney. Developed in collaboration with contemporary performance group Branch […]

Responsive Ambient Media Experiments

I’m currently working on programming some software processing chains for a series of responsive ambient media works. In these works sensing technologies track and respond to viewers in the space and create subtle ambient responses across three video panels.

Video documentation for ‘Ghost Ships’ now online

We’ve just completed some video documentation of our mediatized performance work ‘Ghost Ships’, which we shot in the studios at Macquarie University in Sydney. ‘Ghost Ships’ is a work for wireless wearable performance interface and intelligent lighting systems. The work uses of an unencumbered wireless performance interface to drive all media elements via free air gestures […]

Vivid Digital Workshop. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Here are a few snaps of the recent Macrophonics digital workshop for Vivid Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Donna Hewitt and I delivered a 3 hour presentation/workshop on approaches to gesture controlled audio and video. The workshop introduced participants to the Arduino platform and various approaches to designing gestural sensing systems. […]

Vivid Ideas talk: The Making of the Future of Performance

VIVID SYDNEY Vivid Ideas: The Making of the Future of Performance Speakers: Patrick Nolan, Julian Knowles, Donna Hewitt, Timothy Ohl Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia 6 June. 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tickets: General – $20.00 Industry – $15.00 Student/Educator – $10.00   In late 2012 the artist collective Macrophonics visited internationally-recognised physical theatre company, Legs On The Wall, […]

Legs on the Wall – Open Source – putting it together

The accelerometer and wearable work progressed smoothly, without significant hitches. Donna’s wearable was completed in the final week. A few issues are worth mentioning here. She found the use of conductive thread and ribbon to be somewhat problematic. Great care needed to be exercised to prevent thread touching and shorting out (which reset the boards) […]

Legs on the Wall – Open Source Update 2

While Donna Hewitt works on building the wearable top with sensors, I am working on making ‘musical scenes’. These scenes are modular, with a range of musical elements which can be triggered or manipulated in an improvisational manner. They are designed for non-musician physical theatre performers/acrobats. The wearable top will have a Triaxial Accelerometer (reading […]

Legs on the Wall – Open Source Update 1

We’re now well into our Macrophonics Open Source creative development project at Legs on the Wall in Sydney.  Lots of experimentation going on at this stage and we’ll start to resolve things down during the week before our stint in the theatre next week. We’ve opened out the exploration to sounding objects – driving audio signals […]