Vivid Ideas talk: The Making of the Future of Performance

VIVID SYDNEY Vivid Ideas: The Making of the Future of Performance Speakers: Patrick Nolan, Julian Knowles, Donna Hewitt, Timothy Ohl Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia 6 June. 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tickets: General – $20.00 Industry – $15.00 Student/Educator – $10.00   In late 2012 the artist collective Macrophonics visited internationally-recognised physical theatre company, Legs On The Wall, […]

Legs on the Wall – Open Source – putting it together

The accelerometer and wearable work progressed smoothly, without significant hitches. Donna’s wearable was completed in the final week. A few issues are worth mentioning here. She found the use of conductive thread and ribbon to be somewhat problematic. Great care needed to be exercised to prevent thread touching and shorting out (which reset the boards) […]

Legs on the Wall – Open Source Update 2

While Donna Hewitt works on building the wearable top with sensors, I am working on making ‘musical scenes’. These scenes are modular, with a range of musical elements which can be triggered or manipulated in an improvisational manner. They are designed for non-musician physical theatre performers/acrobats. The wearable top will have a Triaxial Accelerometer (reading […]

Legs on the Wall – Open Source Update 1

We’re now well into our Macrophonics Open Source creative development project at Legs on the Wall in Sydney.  Lots of experimentation going on at this stage and we’ll start to resolve things down during the week before our stint in the theatre next week. We’ve opened out the exploration to sounding objects – driving audio signals […]

Legs on the Wall – Open Source residency begins

The Macrophonics artist collective (Julian Knowles, Donna Hewitt, Wade Marynowsky, Tim Bruniges) has just commenced our Open Source media technologies residency with Sydney based physical theatre company Legs on the Wall at their Red Box development space. Background information on the project can be found here. The residency sees the group examine a range of interface technologies and […]

Even As We Speak live at The Red Rattler. Sydney Nov 3, 2012

To celebrate the imminent release of our John Peel and Mark Goodier BBC Sessions, Even As We Speak played a special one-off show at The Red Rattler Theatre in Sydney Australia on November 3. This marked the first time the band had played together since 1993 when we returned to the Australia from the UK, following the release of […]

The Waiting Room, Brisbane Nov 22, 2012

    Hinterland + Anonymeye + Julian Knowles + Puzhaki Join us at The Waiting Room in Brisbane’s West End for this diverse show featuring artists from Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Don’t miss how four men use four different approaches to create a million unusual sounds – all in one Thursday night. HINTERLANDT […]

The Flashcard Sequences Part 1

Just presented the first performance of  The Flashcard Sequences Part 1: Amsterdam 14.12.10 last night. I’ve uploaded a copy to Vimeo. Switch to High Definition and view in full screen for the full experience.     Since mobile phone video has been improving at such an alarming rate, I’ve renewed my interest in field/environmental a/v […]

Mastering Nimble Animal

Just spent the afternoon with Dom Stephens (ex Oh Ye Denver Birds and Outerwaves) mastering his new Nimble Animal album. It will be released digitally and on cassette through the Fallopian Tunes cassette label –  one of a number of new artist run cassette labels which seem to be popping up everywhere. Although mastering is kind […]