Ed Kuepper – Second Winter


Ed Kuepper  - All Tomorrows Parties, Cockatoo Island
Ed Kuepper – All Tomorrows Parties, Cockatoo Island

I recently had the pleasure of co-producing this release for ARIA award winning artist and Australian music icon Ed Kuepper – recorded and mixed at Gasworks Studio A. Ed is a wonderfully creative musician, a broad and open listener, and a great guy to work with in a studio context. These recordings are very intimate – mostly live duo takes in the first instance – with Ed in the ISO booth playing acoustic and singing, accompanied by Mark Dawson on drums in the main live room. The recording captures the intimacy of a live duo but has a range of carefully crafted abstract elements in the form of a range of string parts, abstract percussion and field recordings. Disc One is the studio recording. Disc Two contains a bonus live disk.


Ed Kuepper: Second Winter (Special Tour Edition)
Ed Kuepper: Second Winter (Special Tour Edition)
Disc One

  1. One Small Town 3.52
  2. Car Headlights 3.25
  3. 16 Days 3.35
  4. Told Myself 4.19
  5. Sea Air 3.25
  6. Master Of Two Servants 2.59
  7. No More Sentimental Jokes 4.19
  8. A Trick Or Two 4.19
  9. Palace Of Sin 3.20
  10. Electrical Storm 5.58
  11. Rainy Night 3.42


Disc Two

  1. Chat: Intro 1.56
  2. Horse Under Water 5.25
  3. Always The Woman Pays 5.17
  4. Chat: Eastern Europe’s Saviour 1.48
  5. Everything I’ve Got Belongs To You 4.56
  6. What You Don’t Know 4.30
  7. I’d Rather Be The Devil 3.45
  8. Chat: You’re Better Than Ever 2.21
  9. There’s Nothing Natural 3.42
  10. Today Wonder Medley: 4.33
  11. Pretty Mary 4.23
  12. Chat: A Significant Moment 0.36
  13. Eternally Yours/If I Were A Carpenter 10.44
  14. Chat: Encore 0.57
  15. The Way I Made You Feel 4.58
  16. Chat: Unquestioning, Uncritical 4.21
  17. I Wish You Were Here 2.17
  18. Steamtrain 8.22


Prince Melon Records,

Released March 2012

This is essentially songs from the Electrical Storm and Rooms Of The Magnificent albums, but with completely new arrangements and feel. More in the vein of Today Wonder, for those of you who are familiar with Ed’s back catalogue.

This is the 2CD “special tour edition”. The second disc is a complete live rendering of the Today Wonder album, recorded in Sydney in February 2011, with Mark Dawson.

Recorded and mixed by Julian Knowles
Additional recording and mixing by Ed Kuepper

Produced by Julian Knowles and Ed Kuepper

Musicians on disc 1:
Ed Kuepper – vocals and guitar
Mark Dawson – drums and forks
Robert Knaggs – celli
Joshua Watson – violins, bells and bowls
Sir Alfonso – m88 and metabo extractor

Musicians on disc 2:
Ed Kuepper – vocals and guitar
Mark Dawson – drums and forks

Courier Mail review. Noel Mengel. November 6, 2012

I94bar.com ” the re-working of these songs from two of Ed Kuepper’s best solo albums, “Electrical Storm” and “Rooms Of The Magnificent”, is so radical that it renders “Second Winter” a whole new listening experience”

Physical here: http://princemelonrecords.blogspot.com.au/

Digital here: http://edkuepper1.bandcamp.com/

More info: http://thekuepperfiles.com/