Ed Kuepper


Production and Curation

Magnetosphere is a three-episode studio-based performance series featuring performances by Australian musicians working the edges of the popular music tradition. Produced from Gasworks Studios – a high end music production facility in Brisbane – the series is shot multi-camera in a live setting.

In recent years, there has been a burgeoning set of scenes across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with new labels playing host to a new generation of pop experimentalists. Looking back from a historical perspective, it is now becoming clear that over the past 40 years we have witnessed the rise of a new art music emerging from the tradition of popular music. Each of the three acts featured in Magnetosphere works within the tradition of popular music, but challenges the form in distinctive ways. The series takes a temporal slice through one city – Brisbane, Australia in 2012, and presents a cross generational, cross genre view.

Ed Kuepper – Eternally Yours

Project Director: Julian Knowles
Video Directed by: Anthony Salsone and Julian Knowles
Edited by: Anthony Salsone
Music recorded, mixed and produced by: Julian Knowles at Gasworks Studios. Brisbane, Australia. Mixed at Macquarie University. Sydney, Australia.
Camera Operators:  Rohan McHugh, Kurt Riddell, Anthony Salsone, Daniel Andrew Shelton

This project was made with funding assistance from the Australia Council for the Arts

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